Musical Industry
Musical Industry

How the Incredible Weeknd Reforms the Musical Industry?

A sensational artist, famous among the Millenials, Abel Tesfaye, The Weeknd, is redefining the music industry. His rare original and eccentric style has attracted many fans around the globe. This 27-year-old singer has won several awards. He is also a reason why Spotify and Billboard get jammed! The single of his third album named Starboy has achieved a crazy fan media all around the world. The song was also known to be the most released weekend streams. The Canadian born artist with his vocal style has started to attract his tribe. He is known for his individuality and daring song lyrics. The artist also uses a variety of techniques to transport you the exact meaning of the verses he simply put in. This is precisely the reason why Starboy became a true spirit among the Millenials. In the following paragraphs, we will see why the music industry must embrace The Weeknd to change the facet of the music industry.

Intense lyrics

One of the specialities of the artist’s songs is the way he writes and composes the lyrics. These lyrics are profound and intense that it can easily reach the core of you, giving the exact meaning he wants you to know. Not only is that his choice of lyrics is very easy to grasp that he can easily make you understand the complicated subject matter within no time. From the time he began his music, he always used heavy metaphors and meaning, which hid behind the lyrics. He plays with his choice of words making is unique in every manner.

Intense lyrics


The fluidity in his voice! Yes, the Weeknd is known for his fantastic voice. We cannot restrict him to any particular music genre. He can easily cope up with the voice of other famous singers like Ariana Grande. Due to his fantastic fluidity in the vocals, he was also nominated for the Oscar for the single lead for the movie soundtrack, Fifty Shades of Grey.

Tribute to the classic singers

Often his voice is compared to that of Michael Jackson. He got also influenced by David Bowie and Prince when he was preparing for Starboy. The artist incorporates various classic musicians who influenced his music career.

Ethiopian love

The Weeknd is a man who loves his culture. In various occasions, he has stated that Ethiopian culture has greatly influenced and impacted his sound. He often listens to the great artists and musicians emerging from the country. He is also a person like mentioned before, who keeps his culture close to his heart and has also donated $50,000 to the University of Toronto to begin teaching the Ethiopian Studies Program.


He changes the social constriction of defining masculinity in his voice and songs. His songs are standard, and nothing in the entire album feels like attracting, gimmicky, and also contrived. He gives more attention to the lyrics where he finds room for the loneliness and insecurity, which can be portrayed to the society.

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